Water & Pumping for HOTTAP

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HOTTAP requires pressurised water to operate. This means that you can connect it either to your town mains water supply, but if you want to draw water from a container or a wild source you'll need a portable pump to make it work.

What kinds of pumps will work? 

If you want to use HOTTAP with your system and you've got an existing DC pump already installed, in most cases this should be completely fine but check the specs against what's written below. 

The HOTTAP requires a minimum of 45 kPa (10 psi) and 6 lpm (1.6 gal) to operate across the full flow range.

If you use a lower flow pump than the above specs you will be able to use the HOTTAP on the minimum flow setting, but the unit will cut out as you increase the water dial toward maximum. This is due to the unit requiring more water than what is being supplied.

Home mains or serviced campground Tap water supply

Sure! This is very common and is no issue at all. 

Gravity Fed or Header Tank System

You can, however, please be mindful that the pressure out of your pipes will need to be enough to satisfy the minimum requirements. 

As a rule of thumb, we normally find that you need at least 10m (32ft) of vertical height on your gravity header tank to have enough pressure to operate correctly, and even then it's not guaranteed because it depends on a number of variables. 

We normally recommend purchasing one of our pumping kits for consistent & reliable operation. 

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