How to make a purchase

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For information on how to place an order, how to apply a discount, choosing a payment option, where you can buy, and our trial period.

Placing an order online

You can place an order on our website. Click on the 'Shop' button at the top of this webpage and select your region. 

Place an order with our team

If you need a hand, feel free to email our support team. We can help answer questions and make recommendations based on your existing setup, or what you want to achieve. We're also able to help place an order. 

Where are our items shipped from? 

We're a company with Australian roots, but rest assured that all of our gear is shipped from Local warehouses in your country. This means that you'll be getting it promptly using local couriers and you won't need to worry about import duties and taxes. Read our Delivery Info here

Can I buy from a retail store?

No, we don't partner with any retail stores at the moment. Read more here.

Is there somewhere I can see it before buying?

We sell directly to the public. Whilst our HQ is based in Melbourne, Australia we don't have any retail showrooms to view our products. 

We want to make your purchase as easy, comfortable and risk-free as possible. This is why we have Free Shipping* & Free Returns as well as a 30-day money-back guarantee. Use your product out in the field, and if you're not happy we'll send it back to us (for free) and refund your money in full. 

Using the Website

Entering Discount Codes: 

When you are making a purchase on our website, you can apply the discount in the 'Payment' section. You'll need to enter the shopping cart to get to this. If you are having an issue applying a discount code, send us an email. 



Choosing a 'buy now, pay later' payment option

When you are making a purchase on our website, you can choose the payment option in the 'Payment' section. This is on page three of the checkout process. For more information on what options we have.


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