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For information on backorders, expected shipping dates, how to tell if something is on pre-order, guarantees, warranties, cancelling and why we pre-sale.

What is a pre-order

A pre-order is a purchase of a product that is not currently in stock. Placing a pre-order secures your spot on the next batch of products that come in. 

How do I know if something is on pre-order?

For pre-order products, we advertise under the product title that the item is on pre-order as well as a rough idea of when it'll be shipping. 

You'll also notice that the buy button will have the text 'Pre-Order now' rather than 'Add to Cart'. Beneath this button, we have a specific expected shipping date listed. 

The product page will have a few signs that something is on pre-order.


When does my order ship?

For pre-order products, you can find the expected shipping date on the product page. Refer to the above image.

Once your order is shipped, you'll receive a tracking confirmation email so you can stay up to date with your delivery. 

If we run into any unexpected delays, we will email you with regular updates.

When does my 30-day money-back guarantee start

Your 30-day money-back guarantee starts from the day you receive your item, not the date on which you initially purchased it. 

When does my 2-year warranty start

Your 2-year warranty starts from the day you receive your item, not the date on which you initially purchased it. 

What if I change my mind / want to cancel my pre-order

Not a problem! Simply email us and we'll cancel and refund your order immediately with no questions asked. 

Why is it on pre-sale

We offer our gear to be purchased in advance for a few reasons:

  • It helps us bring enough in. If we pre-order, we know how much we need to make and bring in. This way we can do our best and getting gear into your hands.
  • It helps us with cash flow. When we launch into a new region, we underestimated how much demand there was, or are getting bounced around by post-COVID manufacturing and shipping issues, having a pre-order open helps keep us pay our bills.
  • It helps you plan. If you're looking for a HOTTAP, being able to pre-order with an expected date gives makes sure you plan appropriately. It also helps you forecast and budget in advance.

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