HOTTAP Set up & Use

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Learn how to set up your HOTTAP and 12v Pumping kit as well as how to use the gear by reading this article.

Parts Overview


  1. HOTTAP unit
  2. GasKnect snap-on fitting
  3. 1.2m Gas hose
  4. Lightweight feet**
  5. Shower-head
  6. 4m shower hose
  7. 1m shower hose
  8. Shower handle with switch
  9. Magnetic shower handle holder
  10. Hose coupling connector
  11. Three-way hose splitter

*Your kit may contain additional accessories, please consult your quick start guides for more information

** Nomad kit includes a Heavy-duty stand in place of Lightweight feet.

Setting up HOTTAP

Before setting up, please note that HOTTAP requires a water pressure of at least 70kPa to work. This part of the guide assumes that you have access to mains water.

For use with the Off-Grid Plumbing kit, please refer to pages 20-21.

To set up your HOTTAP for use, please cover the following steps: 

Step 1)

Install 2 D-cell batteries observing the labeling on the battery box and the batteries.

Step 2) 

Using a spanner, connect the female GasKnect fitting to the gas hose.

Do not use thread tape

Connect the regulator to the gas bottle and the GasKnect to the HOTTAP unit.

The gas cylinder must be positioned away and to the side of the appliance. It must never be directly beside, below or above the appliance.


Step 3)

When mounting your HOTTAP, please ensure that there is sufficient clearance from people and combustible materials: at least 1,000mm from the top, 600mm at the rear, and at least 500mm from the sides and front of the unit.

Depending on what particular HOTTAP kit you own, you may mount it in one of three ways:


3.a. Heavy-duty stand Connect all hoses (see point 4.) and place the unit into the heavy-duty stand.

3.b. Hang the HOTTAP on a suitable vertical surface

3.c. Lightweight legs Fasten the lightweight feet with the captive thumb screws.

Step 4) 


Attach the red shower hose to the red quick connect fitting.

Connect the blue hose to your water source and to the blue quick-connect fitting on the HOTTAP.

Attach the GasKnect brass fitting to the gas inlet.

Step 5) 

Connect the regulator to the gas cylinder. Open the gas cylinder by twisting the valve knob in an anti-clockwise direction for one full turn.

Check the entire gas line for leaks by coating the hose and connection points with soapy water. Do not use a flame. If bubbles are formed or you can hear a leak, turn off the gas at the cylinder. Tighten all connections and test again.

Once you have determined that there are no leaks, the appliance is ready to use.

Turn the gas off.



Setting up the 12V Pump Kit

  1. Remove the red plugs from the inlet and outlet of the pump.
  2. Snap the hoses onto the quick-connect fittings on the water inlet and outlet.
  3. Set up your filter for intended use - i.e. with or without the intake collar - and attach it to the end of the pump inlet hose. Drop or throw the filter into the water source.
  4. Observing the flow direction of the pump, attach the pump outlet hose to the blue quick-connect fitting on the HOTTAP.
  5. Plug the lighter port cable into the pump and connect to power.
  6. Press the power button on the pump, leaving it in the “on” position. You can now start and stop the pump (as well as the HOTTAP) simply by flicking the switch on the shower or faucet handle.


How to use HOTTAP

Step 1) 

Ensure that the shower handle switch is in the “off” position.


Step 2) 

Turn the gas on by twisting the cylinder valve knob in an anti-clockwise direction for one full turn.


Step 3) 

Open the valve at your water source. Please note that, since the shower handle switch is in the “off” position, water should not be flowing through the showerhead


Step 4) 

You can now control the entire system at the shower handle switch. Flick it on: the water starts to flow and the HOTTAP burner automatically ignites. Flick it off: the water flow stops and the HOTTAP burner automatically extinguishes.

Bearing in mind that the water might be very hot, stand clear of the shower when turning it on.


Setting your temperature

Adjust the red flame lever and the blue water flows dial to find your desired temperature and flow rate.

For higher temperatures, turn the flame up and the water flows down.

For lower temperatures, turn the flame down and the water flows up.





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