Power Requirements for HOTTAP

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If you're wondering what kind of power the HOTTAP takes, as well as options for powering the 12V pump if you don't want to plug it into your vehicles cigarette socket. 


HOTTAP uses two 'D-Cell' batteries, these power the unit itself as well as the LED screen and generally last for 3-6 months, depending on use. 

12V Pump: 

The Joolca pump runs on 12V power and draws 5.8amps per hour. The pump can be connected to a power source in a number of ways: 

We supply a 5m (16ft) cigarette socket cable that can be connected to your car's cigarette lighter plug. Alternatively, you could connect this to a portable battery system. Some commonly used options include: 

1) Jackery Explorer 240


2) Goal Zero Yeti

3) If you prefer to run it off 240V (120V) power at home, you can purchase a DC power adapter with a cigarette socket outlet. Just make sure the adapter you purchase can output at least 6 amp. 240C_to_DC_.jpg

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