Connecting HOTTAP to your garden hose

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In the US, the most common style of garden hose comes with 3/4" threaded fittings for the connections. To connect this to the HOTTAP you'll need to purchase an adapter, there are two options and both are widely available at your local hardware store: 

Option 1: 

The simplest method is remove the blue water inlet quick-connector and attach an adapter to allow for a direct connection with your garden hose. 

A suitable adapter is something like this one and the water inlet will now look like this. Note: use thread tape for a secure and watertight fit. 


Option 2: 

This option is better if you'd like to keep the 'quick connect' features across the whole system. 

Using any standard garden hose with typical 3/4" Threaded connections, you can purchase an adapter kit which will convert both ends of your hose to a quick connect, allowing you to connect directly to the HOTTAP water inlet, as well as using to extend the reach of your pump. 

Something like this will work well, but any similar brand will also work. 



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