Can I buy through a retailer or store?

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For information on purchasing through a store.

Can I buy from a store?

No. You can only purchase directly from us. Find out how to make a purchase.

Read on to find out why we choose to sell directly to you. 

Our retail history

It's true - we used to operate a wholesale channel. For about 6 years we ran a wholesale wing in Australia and New Zealand, supplying to all major camping, 4WD, and home improvement stores. 

We built great relationships with stores and learned a lot along the way. 

As we grew, we found that we couldn't balance supplying directly to customers, along with supplying to stores. We just weren't experienced enough to manage both. And, we ran into a lot of stock supply issues - where we were out of stock for months at a time. 

We really enjoyed working with stores, but we knew that if we wanted to truly bring our vision to the world - we had to do it ourselves. 

So, we made the tough choice to close down our wholesale wing and to double down on our products and customer experience. We said goodbye to stores. 

I want to see products before purchase!

Great point. And you can!

Buying from a store has the added benefit of actually holding the item in your hands, having a bit of a play, and then buying it on the spot. 

While we can't get Joolca gear into your hands within an hour (we still ship pretty quickly), we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. Which is our way of letting you try before you buy. We even cover the return shipping!

This means that you can take your gear out on the field, put it through its paces, and if it turns out you don't want it - just contact us within 30 days to organise a return.

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