Does HOTTAP draw water by itself?

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No. The HOTTAP does not suck up or draw water as it does not have a built-in pump. 

You can think of HOTTAP like a hose. The hose itself does not draw water from the garden tap, the garden tap pushes the water through the hose. 

You will need to use a pressurised water source to feed water into the HOTTAP. 

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Which HOTTAP do I get?

That will depend on what water supply you have.

If you will only be using the HOTTAP at home where you have a garden tap, then you can go for the HOTTAP Essentials. 

If you want to use the HOTTAP somewhere remotely (camping, off-grid property) then you should consider the HOTTAP Outing or HOTTAP Nomad. Both of these kits come with a 12V pump kit. 

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