HOTTAP won't ignite

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If you've got issues with your HOTTAP not igniting.

I can't hear any clicking:

HOTTAP will only start clicking and trying to ignite after the water has started flowing. At this point, the LED will also turn on. If you've got water flowing and can't see any activity on the LED screen, and can't hear any clicking noises, try the following: 

  1. Make sure that your water hoses are on the right way, cold water on the right side and hot water out on the left side. 
  2. Check that your D-Cell batteries are installed correctly, and that they are not flat.
  3. Check for blockages in your water lines that could restrict water flow. Unscrew your blue quick connect adaptor on the water inlet, and look inside the brass inlet fitting to make sure the mesh is clear. Make sure to clean the inline filter on your pump also if you have it.
  4. Adjust the ‘water flow’ setting on the HOTTAP to ‘LO’. This will make it easier to ignite (in case it is a water flow issue). 
  5. Try the Hottap on mains water. If it works fine you can work backwards to figure out what is restricting the flow to the Hottap.
  6. If you are using a 12V pump, ensure the pump battery is fully charged. If the battery is only 50% (for example) the 12V pump will put out a lower flow and pressure than it should.
  7. If you're running on tank water or a gravity-fed system you may not have enough pressure to turn the Hottap on.

I can hear clicking, but there is no ignition:

After HOTTAP begins to click for ignition, you should hear a single solid 'thunk' which indicates that the gas valve has opened up and allowing gas to flow. If you can't hear this thunk, then gas is not getting to the burners. Try the following: 

  1. Check your batteries. Even in some cases, the batteries that come with your kit can be flat, so this is the first thing to check. Note that flat batteries commonly have enough juice left to power the clicks for ignition but not enough for the single clunk of the gas valve (which requires more power). 
  2. Check that you actually have gas in your bottle. 
  3. If available, try another gas hose if you have one handy (perhaps from a BBQ). 

If you can hear both clicking and a loud 'thunk' but still aren't getting ignition then it's possible that you have some air in the gas lines that can be purged. This can be done by following these steps:

  1. Have your Gas bottle set to OPEN and disconnect the gas hose from the gas inlet. A little bit of gas will leak out as you do this step but then it will stop flowing because the gas connection has a stop-valve fitted.
  2. Wait a few seconds and connect it again and attempt to start HOTTAP. 

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