HOTTAP lights but turns off

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If you've got issues with your HOTTAP lighting but turning off.

Over Temperature

HOTTAP has been configured to turn off at 50°C (122°F) to prevent scaling. HOTTAP will not automatically reignite if it's shut down due to reaching the cutoff temperature.

You can check the outlet temperature on the LED screen. If you notice that the temperature is getting too high you should reduce your gas flow lower and / or increase your water flow.

Wind Related

The HOTTAP has a flame sensor as a safety component. This is designed to shut off gas supply to HOTTAP as soon as it notices that the flame has been extinguished. What wind does is act to push the flame sideways or stretch it upwards which simulates a 'flame out' and causes the safety circuit to kick in. 

HOTTAP has already been optimised as best as we can to perform consistently in windy conditions. If you are noticing that the wind continues to turn HOTTAP off then here are some options to try: 

  1. Reposition the unit somewhere where it's less susceptible to the wind. 
  2. If HOTTAP is sitting against a wall or large flat surface, bring it forward so that there is a gap between HOTTAP and the rear surface. 
  3. Build a basic wind block to protect the HOTTAP. 

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