The water isn't hot enough

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If you've got issues with your HOTTAP not getting hot enough you can try some of the items listed below. If you find that your HOTTAP doesn't have a flame / doesn't ignite, check this article instead


Water temperature is achieved by adjusting the Gas and Water knobs on the front of HOTTAP. For hottest temperatures, you should have your Gas set to High and Water set to Low. This is because the water takes longer to circulate through the heat exchanger and picks up more heat. Conversely, for coolest temperatures, set Water to High and Gas to Low. 

  1. Check source water temperature. If the source water temperature is too cold then you may need to ‘cycle’ the water through the system back into the source reservoir then through the appliance again to meet your desired temperature.
  2. Check if there is a flame in the ‘viewing window’. If you cannot see a flame it could mean that the unit has switched off / not ignited, try restarting the unit and monitor the 'viewing window' for a flame.

If your HOTTAP is working correctly but due to cold temperature you still can't get your water as hot as you'd like, there is an adjustment you can make to the unit that allows you to increase the water temperature rise. 

  1. Looking at the bottom of your unit, identify the internal screw adjustment location as shown below. Adjust the LEFT side screw clockwise to increase your water temperature rise. Only increase half-turn each time and test for impact. Note: If you see samples obstructing access, gently poke them to the side with your screwdriver.  IMG_9777.jpg

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