Joolca pump is not working

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If you've got issues with your Joolca pump either not working at all, or making noise but not working properly. 

The Joolca pump is designed to be better at 'pushing' than pulling. So if you're pumping over longer distances, the pump should be set close to your water source so that the suction side is not longer than 3m (10ft). 

The pump is making noise but not pumping:

  1. Red Lugs - First and foremost, make sure you've removed the red lugs from the pump inlet and outlet adapters.

  2. Quick Connects - Check that your hose connections (quick connects) to the pump are securely locked. You should hear a 'click' sound when you push the hoses onto the pump. They might need a bit of force, don't be shy pushing on the hoses.

  3. Inlet Hose Length - Make sure that the suction side is using only the 2m (6.5ft) blue hose with a suction filter. If you're using the hose extension, this should be connected to the Outlet side.

  4. Air Leaks - Make sure that all hose fittings (dark grey fittings on hoses) are tightened and connected correctly. If the pump is trying to suction water from a source, if there are any air leaks in the system it won't be able to prime (clear the air from the lines). 

  5. Clean Filter - Make sure that the suction filter is clean. 

  6. Low Power -  If your power source power is low, it can affect the voltage supplied to the pump and thus making the pump "weaker." Ensure your battery is charged to 100% then try again.

  7. Manual Pump Priming - Your pump may need manual priming to get it started.
    To self-prime:
    1. Take off the blue hoses from the pump
    2. Submerge about half of the black fitting (suction side) into a bucket of water. (IMPORTANT - don't submerge the actual pump, just the inlet fitting).
    3. Turn the pump "on."
      Your pump will self-prime and water should come out of the outlet side as soon as you turn on your pump. You can now connect up the hoses and use your pump.

The pump is not turning on/making a sound: 

  1. Low Power - Ensure that your 12V supply is charged. If you are running from your car's cigarette socket adapter, try turning the car on. Some cars have safety mechanisms in place which turn off power to accessories when the car is off to stop battery drain. If you're running from a portable battery, ensure it's adequately charged and capable of outputting at least 12v @ 6amps. 

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