Water Pump not working

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If you've got issues with your Joolca pump either not working at all, or making noise but not working properly. 

Troubleshooting Assistant: 

The easiest way to solve your problem is by using our interactive troubleshooting assistant. 

Troubleshooting Assistant


The Joolca pump is designed to be better at 'pushing' than pulling. So if you're pumping over longer distances, the pump should be set close to your water source so that the suction side is not longer than 3m (10ft). 

The pump is making noise but not pumping:

  1. First and foremost, make sure you've removed the red lugs from the pump inlet and outlet adapters. These lugs are placed here from the factory to keep the lubricating liquid inside the pump during transit but need to be removed before use otherwise you will not get any water flowing. 
  2. Make sure that all fittings are tightened and connected correctly. If the pump is trying to suction water from a source, if there are any air leaks in the system it won't be able to prime (clear the air from the lines). 
  3. Make sure that the suction filter is clean. 
  4. Make sure that the suction side is using only the 2m (6.5ft) blue hose with a suction filter. If you're using the hose extension, this should be connected to the Outlet side. 

The pump is On but not pumping fast enough: 

  1. Ensure that your 12V supply is charged. If you are running from your car's cigarette socket adapter, try turning the car on. Some cars have safety mechanisms in place which turn off power to accessories when the car is off to stop battery drain. If you're running from a portable battery, ensure it's adequately charged and capable of outputting at least 12v @ 5amps. 

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