How to power your HOTTAP

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Learn how to supply power to your HOTTAP, which batteries to use, what to do when your batteries go flat, and other power FAQs.

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Power requirements

HOTTAP runs on two D-cell batteries. The batteries supply power to the ignition and LED monitor, and will last 3-6 months (depending on use). 

One D-cell battery supplies between 1.5V (standard) to 1.6V (heavy duty), so the two D-cell batteries supply 3.0-3.2V to the HOTTAP.

Your HOTTAP comes with a set of batteries included in the box. 

How to install the batteries

  1. Push on the battery box to release the compartment.
  2. Insert 2x D Cell batteries as per the diagram.
  3. Re-insert the compartment, push until it clicks into place.


What happens when the batteries go flat

Once the combined voltage of the D-cell batteries drops below 2.1V (e.g., after using the HOTTAP for 6 months) then your HOTTAP will not ignite. 


  • Your HOTTAP will not turn on at all, or
  • Your LED monitor will turn on, but you will not get any ignition.

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To avoid getting stuck without hot water, keep a spare set of D-cell batteries with your HOTTAP.

Which D-cell batteries should I use

You can use both standard (1.5V) and heavy duty (1.6V) D-cell batteries with your HOTTAP. As D-cell batteries are a universal (physical) size, you can use any brand.

What to do when storing the HOTTAP

When storing the HOTTAP for long periods of time, remove the batteries from the battery box. This will avoid the batteries discharging.

Powering HOTTAP with a DC to DC converter

You can use a DC to DC step down voltage converter, and wire it directly into the positive and negative leads that run into your battery box.

  1. Using a star-head screw driver, remove the four screws that hold the battery box in the HOTTAP. 
  2. Remove the positive and negative leads from the battery box. The leads are crimped on and can be pulled off using pliers.
  3. Crimp or solder the positive and negative wires to your DC to DC converter.
  4. Run your DC to DC converter to your power supply.

Make sure to get a suitable DC to DC step down voltage converter that will work with your power source (e.g., a 12.0V battery) and that can output 3.0V (what the HOTTAP needs).

Example: A DC to DC converter that converts 6-28V down to 3-15V.


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