ENSUITE Triple Set Up Guide

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Setup Tips

  • Select a level site clear of rocks, branches, and other hard or sharp objects top set up your shelter.
  • Do not set up your shelter under trees because of potential lightning strikes or falling tree limbs in inclement weather.
  • For best results in windy conditions, position the narrow end of the tent into the wind. 
  • Secure all stakes and guyropes provided to prevent property damage or personal injury. 

Use Tips

  • Under certain conditions, such as cold weather or high humidity, minimise condensation by allowing for adequate ventilation.
  • It is advised not to leave your tent setup for weeks at a time. Extended exposure to the elements can cause the shelter to become discoloured, and in some cases, can damage the material.

Storage Tips

  • Always remove any caked dirt, and ensure that the tent is thoroughly dried out, before storage.
  • Never pull on the shelter to remove a stake. Always pull from the stake itself.

General Tips & Warnings

  • Keep all flame and heat sources away from this tent fabric.
  • This tent is not fireproof.
  • Do not use fuel-burning devices inside or near the tent.
  • Do not store flammable substances inside the tent.

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