What happens if my delivery goes missing or is damaged?

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Learn about what happens if your order is lost, stolen, or damaged in transit. 

This articles outlines what happens when your order does not have Navidium Shipping Protection.

Lost or stolen in transit

If your order is lost or stolen in transit we will lodge an enquiry with the courier. Please contact us on this link (and choose "Refund request").

The courier will then open an investigation to track and find your order, or to confirm that it was lost. This process normally takes around two weeks.

If the courier is able to locate your order, we will have the order re-routed to you. 

If the courier confirms that your order was lost, we will re-ship your order to you.

Note: If only part of your order was lost, we will only re-ship the lost products. We will not re-ship the entire order.

Damaged in transit

If your order is damaged in transit, we will need to verify the damage was caused in transit. Please contact us on this link (choose "Refund request") and send us a description of the damage, including photos and/or videos of the damage. 

Note: We will need photo or video evidence to process the claim.

From here, we will assess the damage to confirm that it occurred during transit. Once we have verified that damage occurred in transit, we will provide replacement parts. 

Note: We will not replace the entire product (or kit). Where possible, we will send replacement parts.

Navidium Shipping Protection

If you would like total security against loss, theft, or damage in transit, you can consider adding Navidium Shipping Protection to your order. Navidium Shipping Protection entitles you to an immediate re-ship of any lost, stolen, or damaged in transit products.

Read more about Navidium Shipping Protection

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