GottaGo toilet Getting Started Guide

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Here's a simple guide to getting started with your GottaGo Toilet; Setting up, use, disposal of waste, and general cleaning and care.


Setting up your GottaGo

  1. M ake sure that both the solids and liquids containers are clean and inserted into the GottaGo Toilet base.
    Liquid Container: Make sure that your liquid container is using the lid with the opening.
    For Bagging Mode: Line the solids cassette with a biodegradable bag.
    For Compost Mode: Add a layer of composting substrate (like sawdust or peat moss) into the cassette. Optional to add a biodegradable bag.
    For Chemical Mode: Fill the cassette with the recommended chemical solution.

  2. Fill the included spray bottle with a vinegar and water mixture (see our cleaning solutions article).

  3. Set up your GottaGo on a dry, flat surface.

  4. Pull the accessories hanger (on the side) to hang your spray bottle and Po(o)ker stick.

  5. Have your TP/Wet Wipes ready!

  6. Optionally, you can spray your toilet bowl with the cleaning solution to pre-sanitize and lubricate it before use.

Using Your GottaGo

  • To your GottaGo for liquids (urine), lift the lid and use the toilet.
  • To use your GottaGo for solids, pull the solids latch to open the solids compartment, do your business, and then use the spray, toilet paper, or wet wipes for cleaning. The Po(o)ker stick is there to help clean the bowl without getting too close to the nasties. When done, close the tab to re-seal the solids compartment!
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Disposal of Waste & Cleaning

Make sure that you properly dispose of waste & keep your GottaGo clean and sanitary.




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