Does the ENSUITE Plumbing work for the Mounted tent?

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Yes! The ENSUITE Plumbing kit works for all ENSUITE tents.

Installing The Showerhead

  • To install the showerhead inside your ENSUITE Mounted Tent, follow these steps:
  1. Install the shower hose and shower head.
  2. Feed the longer red hose from the tent's bottom opening outside and clip it inside to install it. Once done, you can install the shower handle, the shorter red hose, and the shower head.

  3. Pull out the swivel handle up top and attach the shower head.


  • To install the showerhead inside your ENSUITE Freestanding Tent, follow these steps:

1. Pass the longer shower hose through the front opening.

2. Connect the shower handle and clip it to the handle.

3. Connect the shorter shower hose and clip the shower head above.


NOTE: The Ensuite Plumbing kit doesn't come with the Ensuite tents. This comes with the HOTTAP kit or it can be purchased separately from our website.

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