What are the differences between the Bag, Compost, and Chemical options?

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Read this article to learn about the differences between the Cassette options for the GottaGo Toilet.


The bagging in the GottaGo toilet option typically refers to the disposable waste bags used to contain solid waste in the portable toilet. These bags are designed to be placed inside the GottaGo waste container and provide a hygienic and convenient way to dispose of waste while camping or travelling.


The composting in the GottaGo toilet option typically involves the use of the composting cassette within the GottaGo toilet. The compost cassette contains organic materials such as peat moss or sawdust, which help to break down waste through aerobic decomposition. Over time, the waste is transformed into compost, which can be safely disposed of or used as fertilizer. This composting process helps to reduce odours and facilitate the decomposition of waste in an environmentally friendly manner. 


The chemical option in the GottaGo toilet typically involves the use of chemical additives or solutions to break down waste and control odours. These chemicals are often added directly to the chemical cassette of the GottaGo toilet and work by accelerating the decomposition process of organic matter. Additionally, they help to neutralize odours, making the toilet more pleasant to use. Chemical options are popular in portable toilets like the GottaGo and is used in camping, RVs, boats, and other outdoor settings where traditional sewage systems are not available.


To help choose which GottaGo Cassette option is for you, you can read more here: Choosing the GottaGo toilet for your Adventures: Bag, Compost, or Chemical?


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