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Frequently Asked Questions

  • While it is totally possible to just use the inline filter that comes in your kit you will quickly find that sucking water from a creek will most certainly block the filter up very quickly and result in a reduction in performance if not, total shutdown of the system due to lack of water flow.

    The perfect solution to this issue is our fantastic Outback Plumbing kit which has been extensively tested and specifically designed for this particular scenario. Not only do you get extra length in hosing giving you more flexibility but you also get our heavy duty screen filter which you just connect to the end of the existing hose and throw into the creek.


    The screen filter will prevent the majority of debris from entering the system and clogging the lines up allowing you to fully enjoy that hot shower in the bush.

  • pumping.png

    The Joolca FLOTAP has been extensively engineered and tested to push water over a long distance so you will easily be able to push water over 20-30 metres.


    Although the pump is also able to pull water due to its specific design it is much better at pushing hence if you are pulling water expect around 1.8m pulling vertically and around 5 metres depending on angle of slope.


    As you can see from the above the best way to set the pump up is close to your water source and lead the longer hose all the way to the camp site. This will allow you to fully appreciate the systems capability and truly enjoy that hot shower in the bush!

  • The HOTTAP Outing will provide a flow rate between around 4LPM and 6LPM depending on the setting you choose for the water flow (blue ring).


  • When the pump is switched 'On' the HOTTAP Outing pump will prime the system with water pressure will ready for use in moments. Once the shower head is flicked ‘On’, the HOTTAP Outing will sense a water pressure drop and automatically ignite the burners and operate the pump. When the shower head switch is flicked ‘Off’, the HOTTAP Outing will recognise this and automatically cut the gas supply, extinguish the burners and stop the pump.

    There is no pilot light, which saves gas and is safer. The automatic operation of the Outing system also conserves power as it only operates when required and results in a pleasurable experience anywhere, anytime!

  • The HOTTAP uses 4.5kg all the way up to 9kg Gas Bottles.

    Unfortunately you won't be able to use smaller bottles including any type of butane cylinder. 



  • The actual water heater itself is the same. Which one you choose depends how you'll be using it.
    HOTTAP - If you'll always be using the HOTTAP with pressurised water (mains water, house pump, caravan park, water tap, your own 12v pump, eg), then all you need is the HOTTAP.
    HOTTAP OUTING - If you'll be using this in areas where there is no pressurised water (off-grid shack, free camping, on the beach, shearing shed, middle of the outback, fishing in the high country, etc) then you'll need the HOTTAP OUTING.
    The HOTTAP OUTING is a complete system which includes our 12V pump (along with all the necessary bits and pieces needed to connect our pump to a 12v battery and the inlet and outlet water hoses etc). 
    The HOTTAP OUTING gives you complete flexibility. If you want to use it at home where you have mains water, simply connect the garden tap to it. Going free camping for a week? Make sure to take your 12v pump and a water bucket and you'll have hot water for the whole week.
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  • If you've connected your HOTTAP Outing, and when the pump is on (and making noise) you have no water flow, or very little, try the following:

    1. First and foremost, make sure you've removed the red lugs from the pump inlet and outlet adapters. These lugs are placed here from the factory to keep the lubricating liquid inside the pump during transit, but need to be removed before use otherwise you will not get any water flowing. 
    2. Ensure that your 12V supply is charged. If you are running from your car's cigarette socket adapter, try turning the car on. Some cars have safety mechanisms in place which turn off power to accessories when the car is off to stop battery drain. 
    3. Check that all fittings, connections and adapters are tight. Also check that your inlet filter is clean and not blocked. Similarly, check the HOTTAP inlet water adapter for blockage. 
    4. Try running the pump on its own - not connected to the HOTTAP water heater. That is, have the suction hose sitting in your water container, and the outlet hose running back into this container, to see if this makes any difference. If it still doesn't work, try removing the outlet hose totally, so that the pump is running with just the suction side - this will help the pump prime if that is the issue. Please keep in mind that there may be times when it may take a little while for the pump to actually prime fully so don't hesitate to leave it running for up to 30-60 seconds.

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