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UK Gas Information

What are the differences between the HOTTAP v2 models

Can HOTTAP be used indoors?

Can I use my HOTTAP to heat a bathtub?

Does HOTTAP work at high elevations?

HOTTAP v2 Size & Specifications

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Getting Started

How the HOTTAP v2 works

Getting started with your HOTTAP v2

Getting started with the 12V Pumping Kit

How do I connect my garden hose to HOTTAP

How to operate the HOTTAP v2

All about mounting your HOTTAP


How to adjust HOTTAP temperature

What water supply do I need

What type of pumps will work with the HOTTAP?

How far can you pump from the creek?

I have a camper trailer with a water tank. Do I need a pump to get water from the tank to the HOTTAP?

Will my existing pump work?

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How do I power the HOTTAP


How much gas does it use?

What type of gas do I need?

Can I connect my HOTTAP to a bayonet fitting?

What gas hose does it use? And what is included?

What size gas tank can I use?


How hot will the water get?


HOTTAP Won’t Ignite

HOTTAP lights but keeps shutting off

The water isn't hot enough

I have no water flowing, even when the pump is on!

The water is too hot

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