Pump requirements for HOTTAP

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Learn about which pump to use, pump specifications and requirements, FLOTAP pump, 12V and 24V pumps, and high-flow pumps.

Recommended pump specs

We recommend using a pressure pump with a water flow between 6-12 litres/min and a water pressure between 40-60 PSI. 

*A pressure pump is an automatic operation pump that will turn on and off when you flick the showerhead on and off. This way you don't need to run out mid-shower to turn off the flow just to lather up!

Minimum pump specs

Don't go lower than 6 litres/min and 40 PSI.

  • The HOTTAP needs a minimum of 6 litres/min of water flow, any less and it will not work efficiently. (e.g. if you use a 4 litre/min pump then HOTTAP won't work on max. flow, as it expects 6 litres/min on max. flow.) 
  • The HOTTAP needs a minimum of 10 PSI to work. We recommend at least 40 PSI as this means your pump can "push" water for a longer distance. So that you can set up camp farther from the creek!

Joolca 12V pump

The Joolca FLOTAP 12V pump is a 6 litre/min and 60 PSI "pressure" pump. We built this pump to be most suited to work with the HOTTAP, and to be able to push water 20-30m, up a small incline. 

12V vs 24V pump

Use whatever works best for you, as long as you meet the recommended specs, and that you do not use a pump with over 20 litres/min of water flow. 

In the range of 10-20 litres/min, your pump will "pulsate" (turn on and off very quickly, as it tries to supply less water). This just means the pump will be a bit louder and will get warmer. 

High-flow pump

Pumps that have a high water flow rate of 30, 40, 60+ litres/min can cause issues for the HOTTAP and are not recommended. 

Read about bilge pumps and high-flow pumps here


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