What are the differences between the HOTTAP V1 and the HOTTAP V2?

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The HOTTAP V2 boasts improved wind resistance compared to its predecessor, the HOTTAP V1. With a redesigned look and casing, the V2 features separate dials for water and flame control, along with enhanced compatibility with upcoming accessories. Additionally, it is equipped with a live diagnostics panel called the V2 Info monitor. The V2 also offers water-saving capabilities on its low-flow setting, complemented by an optimized shower head included in the package. Moreover, the HOTTAP V2 comes pre-installed with the male GASKNECT gas adapter and includes the ENSUITE Plumbing kit, eliminating the need for separate purchases of shower hose and head components.



NOTE: The HOTTAP V1 and all its components have been phased out. If you own a V1 and need assistance, please contact us here.

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