Where are your products made?

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Joolca is an Australian company. All of our product design & development, as well as the majority of our operations, is based out of our Headquarters right here in Melbourne. 

Our products are currently made in Bangladesh (our Tent range) and China for everything else. All of the manufacturing partners we deal with have been hand-selected based on their professionalism and the quality of work they produce. In many cases, we've been working together for over 7 years now and have forged a very close relationship where they produce Joolca products according to our strict guidelines and specifications. 

We know that China sometimes gets a bad rap for cheap products at low prices. That is undoubtedly true in some cases, but it's not the rule. Just like anywhere else, you can make products to various price points. Take our main manufacturing partner as an example; they are a company with over a billion US dollars in revenue per year, which comes with massive financial and compliance overheads of their own. They aren't cheap. The benefit that we get from a supplier like this is an incredibly broad in-house production capability (for us this means tighter control over more of our components) as well as access to a supply chain where, within a 50km radius, nearly every sub-component required for the HOTTAP can be found or made.

The reality is that unfortunately, the combination of these benefits would probably be impossible to find in any other country. Having said that, our door is open and we're always looking for awesome manufacturing partners. So if you know of any, please feel free to make an introduction! 


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