Mounting your HOTTAP

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Many customers prefer to place a permanent place for their HOTTAP to make set up and use faster and easier. We sell a Quick-Release mounting bracket that is perfect for this situation. 

Does it handle rough roads and corrugations? 

The HOTTAP is built to be robust and handles off-road conditions and corrugated roads with no trouble. At this stage, there are many HOTTAP units sitting on camper trailer drawbars and toolboxes travelling all over.

Are there any safety concerns?

The most important thing to remember is that the HOTTAP is not able to be permanently connected to a reticulated gas supply. What this means essentially is that it's OK for your HOTTAP to be fixed or mounted to your vehicle, but the gas connection should be made each time you set up and it must be disconnected before travelling again. 

It's also important to comply with the clearance instructions listed at the back of the unit while in use. 

Other ways to mount your HOTTAP 

We've got a clever bunch of customers who love to hack up their own mounting set-ups. For some great inspiration feel free to join our Facebook Community page to see what others have done. 






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