Do I have to protect the HOTTAP from the elements?

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Protecting from the rain: 

Your HOTTAP unit has been designed to be used outdoors, however, to ensure the HOTTAP remains in pristine working condition, we strongly urge you to make all possible attempts to shield your HOTTAP from the elements.
Your HOTTAP is splash-proof, however, prolonged exposure to rain may result in the degradation of the internal components. The easiest way to protect your HOTTAP is to pack it away after use, or keep it undercover to shield it from the weather.

Protecting from freezing temperatures and frost: 

One last note regarding very cold temperatures - if you are in an area at a time when the temperatures approach or drop below freezing, you must drain the unit of water to prevent the water from freezing inside the HOTTAP and causing damage.
Simply detach both water quick fittings and let the water drain from the HOTTAP. Once the water has drained, tilting the HOTTAP side-to-side will help remove the excess water left inside. We also recommend storing the HOTTAP in an upright position so excess water doesn't stay on the pipes if the temperature drops. This will ensure that even if the temperature drops below zero your HOTTAP will remain safe and ready for next use.

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