Can I use my HOTTAP to heat a bathtub/DIY hot tub?

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Yes, you can use your HOTTAP to heat a bathtub or DIY hot tub. We've had people use it for this exact situation. It works, but there are a few things to be mindful about.

Temperature Increase

The hottest increase the incoming water is by 30-35C (54-63F) above the incoming water. This is on the highest gas / lowest water flow setting.

Say the water coming in is 10C (50F) from the tap - the HOTTAP will get it to 40-45C (104-113F), but the water will be set to the lowest setting (i.e approx 4LPM (1GPM)). So it might take a while before the bath is fully filled up

Recirculating the Water

Another idea is to circulate the water using a pump. Start by filling your bath up with water, then use a pump to recirculate water inside the bath (simply put the suction hose into the bath) and whatever is coming out of the Hottap goes back into the bath.

You might find it's quicker to fill up the bath from the tap, then just recirculate water, and over time it'll heat up nicely. Using this method, the longer you keep recirculating water you can heat it up quite hot - as the water inside the bath will slowly get warmer over time.

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