How to pack up the HOTTAP Nomad

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If you're not sure if everything that comes with the HOTTAP Nomad will fit back inside the blue tub, or if you're unsure how best to pack it, we'll explain how we do it. 

Note: The pulp paper material that's included in the Nomad kit when new is not designed for permanent use, it's just for protection during transit. Afterwards, it's much easier to pack your kit up if you don't use those materials. 

Step 1: Lay everything out

Place all of your Nomad gear in front of you


Step 2: Pack up components

Firstly, it's easiest to pack up all of the components that come with HOTTAP as they are the smallest and easiest to fit into various storage pockets. Make use of the void in the centre of the grey liner stand Hint: Separating the shower head and faucet spigot from the handle makes it easier to find room for both of these. 

We normally fill this area with:

  • Gas hose
  • 12V cable
  • Filter & Collar
  • One or both shower head handles

On the left side of the tray, we put the pump and our remaining shower accessories. It doesn't really matter how you do it, the main thing is to try to fit all of your small accessories in this area, and keep one end of the tray empty, which will make it easier to fit your hoses later. 


Step 3: Pack HOTTAP

Place your HOTTAP on the tray, positioning it on top of the tray where you've placed your components so that you're leaving one end of the tray completely empty for your Blue & Red hoses to fit into easily. 


Step 4: Pack Hoses

All that's left are the hoses, which should now easily fit into position because you've kept that whole side clear. 


Step 4: Close the Lids: 



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