HOTTAP Set Up Guide

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Learn how to set up your HOTTAP by following this guide. 

When you finish setting up, click here to learn how to use your HOTTAP.

New to HOTTAP? Watch the below:
Getting started with your HOTTAP Essentials.
Getting started with your HOTTAP Outing.
Getting started with your HOTTAP Nomad.


Lightweight feet (included with Essentials & Outing)

  1. Align the lightweight bracket at the bottom of the HOTTAP.
  2. Attach the lightweight bracket to the HOTTAP, using the thumb screw.


Liner Stand (included with Nomad)

  1. Place the liner stand on an even surface.
  2. Insert the HOTTAP.
  3. Push the HOTTAP down to lock it in place.




  1. Push on the battery box to release the compartment.
  2. Insert 2x D Cell batteries as per the diagram.
  3. Re-insert the compartment, push until it clicks into place.


Water Supply

Garden tap

  1. Connect the garden hose to the garden tap.
  2. Connect the garden hose to the HOTTAP “Water Input” (blue) fitting.


Joolca pump

Click here to set up your Joolca pump

Water Outlet

Included shower kit

  1. Attach the shower head to the shower handle.
  2. Attach the shower handle to the red shower hose.
  3. Connect the red shower hose to the HOTTAP “Water Output” (red) fitting.


Note: The shower handle only works in one direction. Attach the shower head to the shower handle, closest to the switch.

Extending the shower kit

When using the shower hose with an ENSUITE Tent, insert the short length of red hose between the shower head and shower switch. This way you can place the shower switch at hip height, and the shower head above your head (like a home-shower).

Tub & sink (included with Nomad)

Click here to set up your Nomad tub and sink

Gas Supply

Included gas hose

  1. Connect the gas hose to the BBQ gas bottle.
  2. Attach the gas hose to the HOTTAP “Gas Input.”
  3. Open the gas bottle.
  4. Spray soapy water over all gas fittings. Check for bubbles (gas leak) and tighten as needed.


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