How much water do I need for a shower?

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Learn about how much water you need for a shower, what size water container or water storage you will need, and how to save water while camping or when water is scarce. 

How much water will I need for a shower?

The HOTTAP lets you adjust the water flow between a minimum flow of 2.5 litres/min to a maximum flow of 6 litres/min.

So, if you want a 5-minute shower you will use between 12.5 litres (on min. flow) to 30 litres (on max. flow). 

Keep in mind that the slower the flow, the hotter the water:

  • If it is a cold day, you'll most likely use the min. flow setting.
  • If it is a hot day, you'll most likely use the max. flow setting.

On a very hot day, when you don't need to heat water but still want the shower experience, just remove your batteries. You can still control the flow from the showerhead and enjoy a nice shower, and your HOTTAP won't turn on (because there are no batteries). 

What size water container do I need?

To have enough water for 1-2 (conservative) 5-minute showers you can get away with a 30L water container.

Here are some things to consider when deciding on a water container(s):

  • How many people need to shower?
  • How long do I want to shower for?
  • Will I be showering or also washing dishes?
  • How easy is it to refill the container?
  • How much space do I have? 
  • Do I have enough drinking water?
  • Can I source water from a river or a creek?

How do I save water? 

Some ideas to conserve water:

If you are using soaps and shampoos, keep in mind that you will want to flush the HOTTAP with clean water to make sure no chemicals stay inside the pipes or hosing. 

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