What powers the HOTTAP?

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Learn more about how to power the HOTTAP.

The HOTTAP needs three things to work, Batteries, Gas and Water Supply. 


The HOTTAP runs on two D-cell batteries. The batteries supply power to the ignition and LED monitor and will last 3-6 months (depending on use). Your HOTTAP comes with a set of batteries included in the box.

You can find out more info on ways to power the HOTTAP here


The HOTTAP runs on propane. You can find out more info on Gas Types & Usage for HOTTAP here.

Water Supply

The HOTTAP is pressure triggered and needs a good water supply. You can connect it to your garden hose or use the Joolca pump for off-grid use. 


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Both the Outing and Nomad kits come with the Joolca pump. You can use the supplied 12v cigarette socket cable to get power from your camper. 


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The pump can be powered in multiple ways, you can find out more info on ways to power the pump here

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