How to prepare your HOTTAP for winter?

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Learn how to take care of your HOTTAP during winter by draining residual water after use, and proper storage.

How to drain your HOTTAP after use? 

When water is left inside the HOTTAP, and the temperature drops to around 4C/39F, water expands, leading to cracks in the water assembly or bursting the copper pipes. 

To drain the water left inside the unit, disconnect the hoses, unscrew the water fitting at the bottom of the HOTTAP and let the water drip for a few minutes. Tilting the HOTTAP from side to side will also help expel any remaining water left. 

How to store your HOTTAP during winter? 

Once you've made sure that the HOTTAP is fully drained, store the HOTTAP and its accessories indoors, it's best if it's in a dry and safe space to prevent any remaining moisture from freezing.

If your HOTTAP is part of a more permanent installation like an outdoor shower and cannot be kept indoors, wrap it with insulating materials such as a thermal blanket. 


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