How long can you go with the Joolca GottaGo toilet?

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Find out how long you can go before emptying the GottaGo toilet cassettes for both Eco and Chemical options.

Urine container: 4.6L (1.2 gal) approx. 12-15 uses

Solids Chemical Container: 11L (2.9 gal) approx. 19 uses

Solids Eco Container: 9.4L (2.5 gal) approx. 23 uses



  • Keep in mind that the rate of filling up your solids compartment will also depend on other factors such as if you're adding toilet paper to the solids compartment and the amount of people using the toilet.
  • You can also have multiple cassettes to swap out if you're on the move. This allows you to continue using your GottaGo toilet even when cassettes are full!
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