How are the openings spaced in the Joolca GottaGo toilet?

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Learn about the spacing for the Joolca GottaGo openings for solids and liquids.
Ever wondered if you'll need to practice your aim with the Joolca GottaGo? Well, we've gone the extra mile (so you don't have to scooch) when designing the openings for solids and liquids to be at just the right distance from each other. Think of it as the "Goldilocks" zone for your bathroom needs—neither too close to mixing business with pleasure nor too far to make you question your gymnastic abilities.
And because we believe in rigorous testing, we didn't just throw darts at a design board. Nope, we involved real, living, breathing humans in our trials—our CEO included!
Too much information? Possibly. But hey, in the world of portable toilets, there are no secrets, just open doors to relief. Now, both you and we can rest easy knowing everything is in its perfect place.

Here are the measurements!

Toilet openings.jpg

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