Does the Joolca GottaGo toilet flush?

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The Joolca GottaGo toilet is non-flush. This choice has its advantages, let's explore them below!

Advantages of non-flush

Water Conservation: One of the most significant benefits of the GottaGo non-flush design is the conservation of water. No need to carry extra water to flush!
Lighter to Carry: Without the need to transport extra water for flushing, your travel load is significantly lighter.
Extended Use: Without flushing water into the solids compartment, it fills up slower, letting you extend the time between disposals. This means more uninterrupted adventure time.
Versatility: The GottaGo offers the flexibility to switch out containers/cassettes for different disposal methods, including bagged, compost, or chemical toilet options, enhancing its utility across various settings.

Addressing the "drawbacks"

We understand that one of the main concerns with no flush is the cleaning. We've tackled this in a few thoughtful ways:
Odour Control: The separation of liquids and solids, coupled with the airtight design of the GottaGo, significantly reduces any unpleasant smells!
Spray Bottle & Po(o)ker Stick: Each GottaGo comes with a spray bottle to spray the toilet bowl down to clean and a Po(o)ker stick to help scrub the bowl (from a distance)!
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