How can I dispose toilet paper with the GottaGo toilet?

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Learn how to dispose of toilet paper when using the GottaGo toilet.

Option 1: Dispose of It in the Solids Container

The easiest method is to dispose of toilet paper directly into the solids container of your GottaGo.

We recommend using biodegradable toilet paper/compostable flushable wipes when using composting/bagging cassettes, and faster-dissolving toilet paper for chemical cassettes (see below).

Just note that toilet paper is light and fluffy, so it sits on top of the waste. You can use the included po(o)ker stick to move waste around.



Option 2: Dispose of It in a Separate Section

You can designate a separate bag or container within reach for used toilet paper. The benefit is that the solids container won't fill up as quickly.



When using Chemical Toilet

To speed up the breakdown of toilet paper and minimise clogging, we recommend doing a few things:

  1. Use specific toilet paper for portable toilets that break down and dissolve easily.
  2. Agitate the chemical cassette by mixing it every couple of days. Mixing can be done with the po(o)ker stick/any object, or by moving the toilet/cassette side-to-side. This allows the chemicals to mix with the toilet paper & waste, allowing faster and uniform breakdown.


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