Why does the GottaGo toilet feature separate compartments for solids and liquids?

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The GottaGo toilet has separate compartments for both the liquids and solids for a number of reasons!


A significant cause of unpleasant smells is caused by the mixing of urine and feces. The GottaGo’s separate compartments keep these apart, dramatically reducing the odour and making your portable toilet experience far more pleasant.

Stay for longer!

Separate compartments prevent the solids tank from filling up with liquid, so it doesn’t require emptying as often, allowing you to stay much longer!

Easier to empty

GottaGo containers are designed for quick access, easy carrying, and hassle-free emptying, simplifying your sanitation needs.

Interchangeable containers

With a spare container, simply swap it out and keep your journey uninterrupted. This seamless transition guarantees that your outdoor experiences remain unspoiled, offering continuous comfort and convenience wherever your adventures take you.


Whether you prefer a bagging, composting, or chemical toilet setup, the GottaGo accommodates your preference with its interchangeable compartments, allowing for a tailored toilet solution no matter where you are.
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