Does the GottaGo toilet have an agitator or ventilation?

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The GottaGo toilet does not have an agitator/an in-built agitation method or a ventilation system.

Composting humanure properly requires a significant amount of time — anywhere from 3 to 24 months to fully break down into usable compost. We figured most folk would prefer to either bag their waste for easy disposal or, if they are inclined towards composting, opt to transfer it to a dedicated compost garden or bin where it can undergo the natural breakdown process over the months.

Having an agitator and ventilation system would mean that the waste stays in the GottaGo's Eco cassette for an extended period, which isn't the intended use of the GottaGo. Our goal is to provide a composting toilet that's quick and easy for waste disposal management. For long-term composting, turning waste into compost works best in a dedicated compost garden or bin where it can be turned into compost over time.



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