Will my existing pump work?

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If you already have a pump on your camper trailer, caravan, or campervan, find out if it will work. 

First, read about pump requirements for HOTTAP

I have a pump with my camper trailer or caravan

You may already have a pump built-in to your camper trailer or caravan. 

First, let's make sure it will meet the recommended specs needed for the HOTTAP:

  • Pressure pump with a water flow between 6-12 litres/min and a water pressure between 40-60 PSI

Next, you need to consider how your existing pump is being used. 

  • Is it plumbed into a sink, mixer tap or other appliance?

If yes, then be mindful that these appliances will "take up" some water flow and water pressure when they are being used. 

Let's say you have a 6 litre/min, 60 PSI pressure pump on your camper trailer, and it is connected to a sink and an outside tap. You decide to connect the HOTTAP to the outside tap. 

If you only use the HOTTAP (sink remains turned off) then the HOTTAP will work. But, if you turn the sink on, then the HOTTAP will turn off. Think of it like this; you have a max. of 6 litres/min. The HOTTAP needs 6 litres/min, and the sink needs (let's say) 4 litres/min. 

As soon as you turn the sink on, you take 4 litres/min away from the HOTTAP, which now will only get 2 litres/min, and will turn off. 


If possible, use a dedicated pump for the HOTTAP. This may sound like a lot to take with you, but this may also create more opportunities for you. 

You could use this dedicated pump to pump water directly from a river or a creek. Your "fixed" pump from your camper trailer will continue to supply your sink and tap, using your clean, potable water. And the dedicated "portable" pump can now be placed 30m away and source water from the creek. 

This way you do not need to carry water with you (saving on weight and space) and can have longer showers.




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