How can I clean the GottaGo toilet bowl without flushing?

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The Joolca GottaGo toilet is a non-flush toilet. Here’s a guide to learn how to clean your Joolca GottaGo toilet without flushing.

Let's talk about cleanliness

We understand that one of the main concerns with no flush is the cleaning. We've tackled this in a few thoughtful ways:
Spray Bottle
Each GottaGo comes with a spray bottle. Fill this bottle with a cleaning solution mix to spray down the bowl before and after use. This helps keep the toilet bowl clean and disinfected!
Po(o)ker Stick
We've also included po(o)ker stick that is designed to help you scrub the bowl (from a distance)!
Odour Control
The separation of liquids and solids, coupled with the airtight design of the GottaGo, significantly reduces any unpleasant smells!

Cleaning the toilet bowl

  1. Spray the toilet bowl with a cleaning solution
  2. Use some toilet paper/degradable toilet wet wipe to wipe the bowl clean.
  3. Use the included Po(o)ker stick so you don't have to get up close with the uh, waste... Just wrap the tip with some toilet paper, scrub, and then poke the toilet paper into the waste container.

Easy as that.

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