HOTTAP Use Guide

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Learn how to use your HOTTAP, including how to adjust the water temperature, get the hottest water, get the lowest increase in water temperature, how to clean your HOTTAP, and how to store your HOTTAP.  

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  1. Turn the shower head off.
  2. Turn on the gas.
  3. Turn on the tap.


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  1. Turn the shower head “on.”
  2. Adjust the Gas Dial.
  3. Adjust the Water Dial.
  4. Turn the shower head “off.”


Heating Capability

HOTTAP can heat incoming water by 20-30°C (36-54°F), up to a max. temp. of 50°C (122°F).

To get the highest temperature increase

To heat up your water by 30°C (54°F):

  1. Adjust the Water Dial to LOW. 
  2. Adjust the Gas Dial to HIGH. 


To get the lowest temperature increase

To heat up your water by 20°C (36°F):

  1. Adjust the Water Dial to HIGH. 
  2. Adjust the Gad Dial to LOW. 



Cleaning the body

Wipe down the body of the HOTTAP using a wet cloth or other non-abrasive cleaning solution. 


Flushing the internals

After using the HOTTAP with salt water, connect the HOTTAP to a garden tap (at home) or another clean water supply, and flush the internals by running clean water through the HOTTAP.



  1. Turn the water off.
  2. Turn gas off.
  3. Drain the water from the HOTTAP (disconnect the hoses).
  4. Disconnect the gas hose.
  5. Remove the batteries.


When drained, store in a dry place away from dust and debris.


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