Joolca Pump Setup Guide

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Learn how to set up your Joolca pump.

When you finish setting up, click here to learn how to use your pump

Click here to learn how to set up for long distance pumping.

First Use

  1. Remove red lug from pump inlet.
  2. Remove red lug from pump outlet.

You can dispose of the red lugs as they are not needed anymore.

Water In

  1. Place the housing over the filter.
  2. Connect the filter to the blue hose.
  3. Connect other end of blue hose to pump inlet (base of arrow).


Water Out

Connect blue hose to pump outlet (tip of arrow).



Click here to learn how to power your Joolca pump

  1. Connect power cable to cigarette port of power source.
  2. Connect power cable to the pump's power socket.


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