Joolca Pump Use Guide

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Learn how to use your Joolca pump, including how to clean the pump filter and store the pump after use.

Need to set up your Joolca pump first? Check out this guide


  1. Submerge the filter into a body of water.
  2. Connect the blue outlet hose (from the pump) to the HOTTAP "Water Inlet."
  3. Turn the pump on.



Use the HOTTAP as normal:

  • Turn the HOTTAP shower head on and off (e.g., when showering or washing dishes) and the Joolca pump will automatically turn on and off. 
  • Adjust the Water Dial on the HOTTAP (to increase or decrease water flow) and the Joolca pump will automatically regulate the water supply. 

Note: If your pump is making a sound but not pumping water, learn how to prime the pump here.


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Cleaning the filter

Take apart the filter.

Rinse out all of the components.Clean_out_the_filter.gif

Put the filter back together.Put_the_filter_back_together__1_.gif


  1. Turn the pump off.
  2. Disconnect the pump from the power source.
  3. Unplug the power cable.
  4. Drain the water from the pump (disconnect the hoses).


When drained, store in a dry place away from dust and debris.


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