How to tighten or replace the HOTTUB's air valve

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Learn how to tighten or replace the air valve on the HOTTUB with the adjustment tool provided with the HOTTUB. This tool is marked to show tightening ("close") and loosening ("open") actions for the valve.


Steps to Tighten the Air Valve:

  1. Remove the air valve cover to expose the valve.
  2. Insert the adjustment tool onto the air valve, making sure the teeth of the tool are slotted into the valve notches.
  3. Turn the tool clockwise towards "close" to tighten the valve.
  4. Keep twisting the tool until the valve feels snug and secure.

Steps to Remove the Faulty Air Valve:

  1. With the air valve cover off, position the adjustment tool so that its teeth match up with the notches on the air valve.
  2. Turn the tool counterclockwise towards the "open" direction to loosen the valve.
  3. Keep rotating the tool until the air valve is completely detached.

Steps to Install the New Air Valve:

  1. Take the new air valve and line it up with the opening where the previous one was attached.
  2. Use the adjustment tool to turn the new valve clockwise, this time aiming for "close" to tighten it.
  3. Continue twisting until the valve is firmly in place.
  4. Replace the air valve cover to finish the installation.

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