My HOTTAP keeps turning off when using with the HOTTUB

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If your HOTTAP stops working or keeps turning off with the HOTTUB, check the LED monitor for flashing icons. You can also make the icon light up by holding down the "JOOLCA" button.

  • If the "flame not lit" icon lights up, it means that the wind is blowing out the flame inside your HOTTAP.
  • If the "overheating safety cutout" icon lights up, it means that your HOTTAP is reaching the Safety Cut-off Temperature.

For wind issue:

  • Move it to a less windy spot or place a flat metal sheet on one side of the HOTTAP at a slight angle to block gusts and keep the flame steady.

  • It's okay to cover the side ventilation holes with something like aluminium tape to minimize the wind's impact. We've tested it, and it won't affect performance.

For overheating safety cutout:

  • Set your HOTTAP to its lowest heat setting by turning the Water Dial to HIGH and the Gas Dial to LOW.
  • Make sure you've connected the red and blue hoses correctly:
    • The HOTTAP should be attached to the top red fitting on the HOTTUB.
    • The pump should connect to the bottom blue fitting on the HOTTUB.

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