HOTTUB Complete Guide: Setting up, Use, and Packing Down

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In this article, we'll learn how to set up the HOTTUB (inflating), how to use the HOTTUB (recirculating water), and how to pack the HOTTUB.


Step 1: Inflating the HOTTUB

Setting up the HOTTUB is as easy as a few steps:

  1. Find the air valve on the side of your HOTTUB and twist to remove the cover.

  2. 2. Inside the air valve there is a white lock button. Make sure to have it "locked" to keep the air pressure in.

    Screenshot 2023-10-26 at 11.06.18 PM.png

  3. Connect the manual pump and start pumping. We recommend inflating your HOTTUB to around 2.2-5 PSI.
     HOTTUB Valve.gif

  4. Once you're done pumping, remove the pump and put the valve cover back on.


Step 2: Filling up your HOTTUB with water

Once the HOTTUB is inflated, you can start filling it with water. 

  • If you're filling the HOTTUB from the top (not through the fittings), make sure that the light grey fittings inside the HOTTUB are tight so water doesn't seep out.
  • If you're filling the HOTTUB through the hose fittings, make sure that the light grey fittings inside the HOTTUB are open a little so water goes through.
    • Connect the pump outlet hose to the bottom blue fitting
    • Drop the pump's inlet hose into a water source
    • Start pumping until the water fills the HOTTUB

Once your HOTTUB is filled, you can start recirculating the water!


Step 3: Using the HOTTUB

The HOTTUB can be used in a couple of ways. Here we'll look at using it as a "hot tub" and explain how to recirculate the water.

If you'd like to see how to use the HOTTUB as an ice bath, click here!


  1. Connect the HOTTAP red hose to the top red fitting on the HOTTUB.
  2. Connect the pump's blue hose to the bottom blue fitting on the HOTTUB
    1. Then connect the pump outlet hose to the HOTTAP's inlet fitting
      (Your pump should be set up so it sucks water from the HOTTUB and pushes it into the HOTTAP)
  3. Loosen the light-grey fittings inside your HOTTUB so that water can recirculate through.
  4. Set your HOTTAP's dials to low water and high gas.
    1. Once your HOTTUB has reached around ~40C (104F) set the dials to high water and low gas. This helps prevent hitting the HOTTAPs 50C (122F) temperature cut-off.
  5. Turn on the pump and your HOTTAP will start recirculating!

Heating the water inside the HOTTUB will take around ~1.5-3 hours (depending on how warm the water was to begin with).

Tip: You can use the HOTTUB's insulated cover and keep the water warm for hours longer!


Step 4: Draining, Deflating, and Packing the HOTTUB

When you want to pack away your HOTTUB, you'll need to drain the water and then deflate and pack away the HOTTUB.


Draining the HOTTUB

  1. Turn off the HOTTAP and pump.
  2. Tighten both grey fittings inside the HOTTUB (where the water was recirculating from).
  3. Run a length of hosing from the bottom fitting out to where you want the water to drain and then unscrew the inner light grey fitting. The HOTTUB will sellf drain.
  4. To get the last bit of water out, tip the HOTTUB.

Deflating the HOTTUB

  1. Once all the water has been removed from the HOTTUB, disconnect the hoses if they are still connected.
  2. Unscrew the air valve and push the white button to the "open" position. This will release the air pressure. 
  3. Fold and push the HOTTUB in to continue to deflate.

Packing the HOTTUB

  1. Make sure your HOTTUB is fully deflated.
  2. Fold the length sides in on themselves so that the width is the base.
  3. Fold the HOTTUB x3 times in on itself.
  4. Pack the HOTTUB and all the accessories in the carry bag.

Packing 1.gif

Packing 2.gif


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