HOTTUB Specifications

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In this article, we look at what's included in the box and the specifications and materials.

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Specifications and Materials

Tub Size: 920mm x 1950mm x 510mm | 26.2in x 76.7in x 20in (W x L X H) 

Floor: 10mm Closed cell foam

Cover: 10mm Closed cell foam

Side walls: 10cm drop-stich 

Side wall material: 1mm PVC

Floor material: 0.6mm PVC

Packed Size: 760mm x 440mm x 280mm | 30in x 17.3in x 11in 

Total weight: 15kg (33lbs)

Water usage: ~300L (80gal) two people | ~350L (92gal) one person

Air Valve: Halkey Roberts Valve (similar to a SUP valve)



What's in the box?

  • HOTTUB Insulated cover
  • Pump (Manual pump)
  • Repair Kit
  • Carry Bag

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