How to recirculate water when using HOTTUB

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Learn how to recirculate water using the HOTTUB and HOTTAP.

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How to recirculate water

Before recirculating, make sure that your HOTTUB has been inflated and filled with water.

  1. Connect the HOTTAP red hose to the top red fitting on the HOTTUB.
  2. Connect the pump's blue hose to the bottom blue fitting on the HOTTUB
    1. Then connect the pump outlet hose to the HOTTAP's inlet fitting
      (Your pump should be set up so it sucks water from the HOTTUB and pushes it into the HOTTAP)
  3. Loosen the light-grey fittings inside your HOTTUB so that water can recirculate through.
  4. Set your HOTTAP's dials to low water and high gas (hottest setting). This will allow water to heat up faster. 
  5. Turn on the pump and your HOTTAP will start recirculating.
  6. Once the temperature reaches around 36C (~98F), adjust the water dial to high water and the gas dial to low. This will keep your HOTTUB hot and cosy, and help prevent hitting the HOTTAPs 50C (122F) temperature cut-off.

Heating the water inside the HOTTUB will take around ~1.5-3 hours (depending on how warm the water was to begin with).

Tip: You can use the HOTTUB's insulated cover and keep the water warm for hours longer!




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