Nomad Tub & Sink Setup Guide

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Learn how to set up your Nomad tub & sink by following this guide. 

When you finish setting up, click here to learn how to use your Nomad tub & sink

Setting up the faucet

  1. Attach the faucet head to the shower handle. 
  2. Attach the shower handle holder. 
  3. Attach the shower handle to the red shower hose.


Note: The shower handle only works in one direction. Attach the faucet head to the shower handle, closest to the switch.

Setting up the tub

  1. Align the tub lid to the inserts on the top of the tub. 
  2. Attach the tub lid to the tub.


Attaching the faucet

Insert the shower handle holder into the insert at the top of the tub.


Connecting the faucet to the HOTTAP

  1. Connect the short red hose to the HOTTAP "Water Output" (red) fitting.
  2. Attach the two-way splitter.
  3. Connect the shower hose to one end of the two-way splitter.
  4. Connect the faucet hose to the other end of the two-way splitter.


HOTTAP can only supply one appliance at a time, so you cannot use both the shower and faucet at the same time. I.e., if you want to use the faucet to wash dishes, do not use the shower - otherwise your HOTTAP will turn off.

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