How do I make a purchase on the website?

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For information on navigating our website, browsing and adding products to your cart, and then checking out with discount codes and different payments methods. 

Browse products

From the banner, click on "Shop" to see a menu of all products. 


  1. Click on the product to open the product page.
  2. Click "Shop all" to see all products. 
  3. Click "Spare parts" to shop spare parts.


Add products to cart

  1. Add an in-stock product to your cart by clicking on "Add to cart."
  2. Add a pre-sale product to your cart by clicking "Pre-order now."


Note: Some products will show "Pre-order now." This means that the product is on pre-order and is not yet available for despatch. In order to secure this product, you still need to add it to cart and pay for it on the check out page. When the product is available and in stock, it will be sent to you.  

Learn more about how pre-orders work.

Completing the check out process

From the top banner, click on the cart icon.


A side panel will pop out and show you the contents of your cart. At the bottom of that panel, click on "Proceed To Checkout."

You will then enter into the check out process:

  • Icon 1: You can express checkout with your PayPal account.
  • Icon 2: Enter your email address. We will communicate order updates using this email.
  • Icon 3: Enter your shipping address.
  • Icon 4: If you have a discount code, enter it here.
  • Icon 5: After you have entered all information, click "Continue to shipping" to select shipping information.


On the shipping page:

  • Icon 1: Confirm your email and shipping information.
  • Icon 2: Select your postage option. Note: Not all regions have express post options.
    Read more about delivery options.
  • Icon 3: Consider adding shipping protection to your order. Toggle off if you do not want added shipping protection. 
    Read more about Navidium Shipping Protection.
  • Icon 4: After you have entered all information, click "Continue to payment" to select payment information.


On the payment page:

  • Icon 1: Confirm your email and shipping information.
  • Icon 2: Pay with credit card, PayPal, or other Buy Now, Pay Later options.
    Read more about payment methods.
    Read more about Buy Now, Pay Later Options.
  • Icon 3: Enter your billing address.
  • Icon 4: Confirm that you are happy to purchase the items in your cart.
  • Icon 5: Once you have confirmed all details and are happy to make the purchase, click "Pay now" to process your order.


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